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Friday, August 5, 2011

Snake River Log Cabin, continued

I have taken a couple extra pics. I love this quilt. I must have taken a dozen pics of it lol.

If would like more info on this quilt, I have some more posted on the quilt board that I frequent, here

I have finally finished the Snake River Quilt by Judy Martin. I just finished binding it in a medium dark red. I love this quilt. I have done many quilts that were sewing intensive, including this one. I just love this one more than any other because, I suppose, I just love log cabins and this is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever done.

Many thanks to Judy Martin for designing this great quilt. I feel it's a great quilt, maybe it because it's named after this great river. I am sure Judy's inspiration came from it.

I can see lots of texture and that was my goal, there is a lot of movement in the quilt, like ripples in water, that this pic did not capture. I hope I can get it tomorrow in daylight outside. The whole quilt has a pink hue that is very obvious. Maybe it is the red next to the pink throughout the entire quilt that caused this effect.

I wanted to finished up the fabric I had pulled out so I made a large log block for the backing.

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creativedawn said...

STUNNING! That IS an amazing looking quilt! Congratulations!