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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Puppy Chronicles 2

I took some more pics of the babies that I thought were cute.

So sweet.

Reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and one of her friends lol.

Let me out please. We call it, prisoner at the gate lol.

Hello, feed me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I haven't had a new baby puppy in 18 years and I couldn't stand it any longer lol. I went on a search and found this darling Pappillion/Chihuahua, mix. I named her Emily.

Emily weighs 2 lb 2 oz, as far as I can recall but they alway look bigger in the pic. Hubby is holding her.

Ever since I can remember, when I was a kid and we would get a puppy, we would make it a hammock. Well here is Emily in her hammock and she loves it.
Here is Emily as she only manages to get halfway in lol.

Asleep with her Cow.
I knew Emily would be loney and she needed some buddy to grow up with, so I went on the search again. I am a bit partial to a Chi mix. I found this little cutie at a wight of 1 pound. She is a mix of Chi/dachund/mini pincher. She has no tail. It was a bit of touch and go with her but with the Vet's help we got her going.
Her name is Milly. She has beautiful brindle black and cream on her legs. She is the tiniest, cutest little thing. I made them both matching t-shirts with a tab on the back to put the leash. The are now both potty trained. They go outside. It's never too early to train them.

Of course Milly had to have a hammock as well. Emily is trying to coax her out to play.

Here she is sound asleep in her own private hammock.

Here is a pic of both of them
When we first got Milly, last Friday, she cried for four nights straight. I had to get up every 2 hours or less to hold her. It was like having a baby with colic. Last night was the first night she slept through the night and we found out how.

This morning, we found both of them in the same hammock. I suppose Emily couldn't take the crying and got in the hammock with her. It's amazing how quickly they learn to get in and out of the hammock and it's their favorite place to sleep at night. At one pound milly sure gets around now...playing and eating and fighting with Emily lol....

We have made the tv room into a nusery for them....oh well, it's our joy is a pic of the nusery. I have put the end table on top of the the other tables and just arranged it so it would be comfortable. The bench in the front holds the extra t-shirts, food, leashes, diapers(for wrapping and holding Milly) and baby wipes.
I made them their own couch from pillows that I saved from an old couch. Most of the time, it is where I am on the floor, playing with them or just watching them...what great therapy.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have been wanting to make these for a long time now and the mood has finally arrived. These are made crazy patch style, my favorite style. I love mindless, just do it.

I used a lot of jeweltones and inserted some Laurel Burch for the center of interest in each matt.

I then did another set of lighter value with a cat in each one.

I just love turtles and my little Maggie pin cushion was such a successful pattern, that I decided to make large pirate turtles. I call them Pirates because they are loaded with sunken treasure from the bottom of the ocean (in my fantasy world Lol). I have finished drafting and tweaking the pattern and am getting ready to write the instuction.

I made two pirate Turtles. Atlas and Atina. She is at the store and I don't have a pic of her but will get one when I deliver the patterns and upload. She is decorated diffrently than Atlas. This is Atlas and I am showing you his belly too lol...he wears a tag that says...."Hi, I'm Atlas" on the other side of his tag it says...."pirate treasure"

He has large and medium brilliant beads all around his shell, two strands hanging down his shell, all down his neck and a small bag of jewels hanging behind his tail from under his shell.

When I made the cat placemats, the panel also included some cut and sew and stuff cats, so I did those too.

And last, here is a pic of a table runner. I think I have made up the time I spent away from my blog.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bits and Pieces

This is the finished quilt hanging outside. Scroll down to see the process.

Time to use up some more scraps and the mood has struck. Here is just a smidgin of scraps.

I start the quilt by just sewing random pieces together and waiting for the brain to kick in.

Here the pieces are growing....

When I have few blocks, I chop them up in odd shapes and put them on the design board and from there, I will build square blocks. I put the blocks on my ruled mat to see the shape I need to square the block off. I also like to make a set of steps that I will put here and there. I am sticking to the jewel colors and black. If I get a few light ones in, I will colorize them later with fabric paint.

I decided to pull out some Laurel Burch fabric to insert into the crazy blocks for a center of interest. Here is a bunch of her fabrics, very colorful indeed.

Here is a good pic of how I manage the areas, (I no longer refer to them as blocks as I will be working in large areas and they will not line up as I am trying for abstract.
I joined two of the cut up blocks and will now square them. Looking at the ruler, you will see the shape of the piece that needs to be added to square it off. It is them joined to a Laurel Burch (LB) design that I have fussy cut from my stash.

Here you see a large area being composed and squared off and joined with some black.

Here is the set up of those two areas.

Here I have started on some more areas. The top is done and the second section will have those LB fish down the middle or the side or whatever works out.

I am getting ready to work on some more areas. I had some crazy blocks made already, so I added those to this mix, it sure saved a lot of time. I do make blocks all along when I want to do mindless sewing and store them for later use. I just put them on the board and place them to my liking.

Here are several sections. I put a little Victorian boy in the middle panel but he will have to come out as he is too light but I thought I would show you anyway..

Here is the middle panel and the left panel.

Here are all the panels and the quilt is done.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Knitting Socks

I am addicted to knitting socks. Here is a gem I just finished by the name of "Cubist". It is a pattern by Cookie A and I got it on the web as a free pattern. I am so impressed with her designs.

I did a lot of ripping but managed at last to knit it. I am not too experienced in the knitting department of charts etc but I am learning fast and this pattern was really not that hard if you payed attention lol.

I bought her book, "Sock Innovations" right away as I love all of her designs. I managed to get her 8 or 9 free patterns off the web by searching etc. 

I will be knitting these socks as a treat, only for myself as I consider these socks to be very special and they take time. Time that is very enjoyable to me as I am learning.

I knitted these socks with a fingering weight yarn from Knit Pics. I only had one 50 gram skein and I needed two but since they cost so much I decided to improvise and use an off white fingering with it and I love the effect. I think the skein cost about 9.99 and I wasn't too keen on paying 20.00 for a pair of socks, unknitted yet lol.

I did get a few skeins of some lovely hand painted yarn that they had on sale but only bought one skein of each as I have a whole bag of fingering in plain and  different colors that I had bought many moons ago and I intend to use those along with the hand painted yarn for the same effect as above.

I got some great deals on, Panda Wool by Crystal Palace Yarns, a bamboo and wool mix that I have heard great things about. I will try these on my next Cookie sock project. I used a #3 knitting needle on the sock above as the design made the sock too tight for a #1 kneedle. I will try a #2 needle next to see if I hit the right size. These socks fit a bit loose but I can shrink them some.