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Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have finally finished some quilts for my Doll and Quilt blog. I made a couple to start off with. This quilt is almost a twin and is for a very deserving young fellow. He loves boating so I used a panel with some light houses and a sailing boat. I used a large block pattern call " BQ2".

I added fabric around the panel to maked it fit within the 18 inch blocks from the BQ pattern. I used a sea shell print and the border has little fish and flies.

This second quilt of about the same size is for the dog lover. I also used a panel and built the 18 inch block around it. I used the BQ pattern also.

I had little bits of fabric with dog paws, bones, treats etc.

The third quilt is for my BIL. He loves to ride his motorcycle. I asked him for nine of his T-shirts to make his quilt.

I cut the blocks as large as I could, then I ironed on a stablilizer, and put the quilt together.
I was able to quilt them right away on my Gammill, which makes it so nice to have the finished product now.
I am presently working on an Orange Peel quilt. I have 120 arcs to make before completing the body. So far I have 30 arcs made lol and all the bodies of the blocks together....back to work now. I will post as I get along with it.