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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wired Doll Chair

I am always looking for doll chairs and when I do find them, they are very, very expensive. I decided I would try to make some on my own, so I bought a booklet by EPB named, SitDown lol. (If you don't see what you want, just ask Beth, she is very nice and handles all of EPB's stuff.) Get her face painting kit and try it and her DVD is excellent!!

I started the wire frame with 14gauge wire. It seems a bit crooked but I still have some adjustments to make and things always look the worst at the beginning. Here you can see that I have already started to wrap it with batting. See? it's good to save scraps lol.
Here it is with extra wire around the legs to keep it steady. I ran two piece of wire up the chair back and two pieces in the seat. It is very sturdy and strong as it has a good foundation now.

I am now going to add some stuffing and fabric and beading, of course and see what becomes of it. the seat seems to be a bit larger on one side but I will adjust that with extra stuffing etc. or add an extension of wire.

The booklet also has several chairs, couches in it. The foot stool is a riot. Well, you know  EPB's  style, if you have made some of her dolls.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fairy Pillow

I am still into dolling and beading. I am in love with beading right now. Not that I haven't done it before, it was just put on the back shelf for a year or so. I have a nice collection of beads and just bought more on ebay, that was fun.

I also put the silk ribbon on the back shelf for years now but now with the dolling etc, all this stuff comes out, including the books, so I can review as one does forget after a few years, but it all comes back quickly.

My dolling friend Linda, showed me a fairy pillow she made and I just had to have one for my fairy too. I had this tiny quilt top of four blocks, made with folded flowers or Oragami. It was too small for anything and too big for a pillow. I ripped it apart and used one block to make this pillow. I beaded it of course and hung little glass hearts where the points of the petal come down.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Woodland fairy

I have been having some fun creating faries. Here I used a printed butterfly quilter's cotton to make this fairy.

I beaded her all over, this is a close up of her arm and middle.

Here you can see her leg real good. I make the flower type ornament and wired the rest and then sewed it on.

Close-up of the arm and jewel on her face.

Her back. I used a lovely friend's scarf to create her clothing. I couched it down and sewed it right on her body, including some beads here and there. I wanted most of her body to show, so she is scantly dressed.

Her face is painted with DecoArtAmerican so soft paints and shimmering pearls and glitters, her hair is Emu feathers.