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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Harold the Opulent Renaissance Angel Finished

I have finally finished Harold, a Heraldic Angel, of the renaissance period; a pattern by  Arley Berryhill. I have totally enjoyed making this doll. I love all the glitz and bling and of course, the renaissance period is my favorite period.

The instructions were excellent and I was able to go step by step with each area and finish it with no problems. Once I finished dressing her, I started to bead and I find it hard to stop lol. I don't take great pics, she is much more opulent in person lol.

I used a piece of decorator trim with hanging beads for her headress and worked it into a tiarra point at the top of her head, so the beads would fall into her face, I sewed another piece behind that so those beads would fall down over her turban in the back.

The criss-cross gold braid (popular in that period), were beaded heavely with gold foiled line beads, the sleeves were also beaded on top of the trims.

The wings were the last thing I did this morning. I made them out of the same fabric as the under dress (silver and gold brocade). I did the top-stitching with metallic gold thread. The only thing I did different, was to wire the top of the wings, so I could adjust them around the body.

Front view of Harold.

left side view, her trumpet is too small. I will have to go looking for a larger one.

Right side.

Front close-up.

Close-up of middle of dress.