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Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have been wanting to make these for a long time now and the mood has finally arrived. These are made crazy patch style, my favorite style. I love mindless, just do it.

I used a lot of jeweltones and inserted some Laurel Burch for the center of interest in each matt.

I then did another set of lighter value with a cat in each one.

I just love turtles and my little Maggie pin cushion was such a successful pattern, that I decided to make large pirate turtles. I call them Pirates because they are loaded with sunken treasure from the bottom of the ocean (in my fantasy world Lol). I have finished drafting and tweaking the pattern and am getting ready to write the instuction.

I made two pirate Turtles. Atlas and Atina. She is at the store and I don't have a pic of her but will get one when I deliver the patterns and upload. She is decorated diffrently than Atlas. This is Atlas and I am showing you his belly too lol...he wears a tag that says...."Hi, I'm Atlas" on the other side of his tag it says...."pirate treasure"

He has large and medium brilliant beads all around his shell, two strands hanging down his shell, all down his neck and a small bag of jewels hanging behind his tail from under his shell.

When I made the cat placemats, the panel also included some cut and sew and stuff cats, so I did those too.

And last, here is a pic of a table runner. I think I have made up the time I spent away from my blog.