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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Angel of Death

Painting the Angle of Death
Ok, I see I haven't blogged forever since last year November. Well, you all don't comment so I think you don't care, hahahhaha

Anyhow here is something new. I told my neighbor, who was moving, to just throw this grey angel in my yard if she decided to not take her. She promptly did so after her children told her they were scared of it lol.   

I sealed the Angel and base coated her with any color, doesn't matter as it will change. I just wanted to get some paint in her and cover the grey.

I will be painting the Angel using,
 DecoAmericana bottled paints, in many colors and I will tell you how I am doing her.  I have a big tub of water out, a tub of Extender, and a tub of varnish, a 2 inch brush for extender and water and a 1 inch for painting, so far go good.

 I have pulled out many colors of reds, purple, blues, yellows greens, whites.
I will show pics as I go along with it for your enjoyment. I will also tell you how I am doing it, so you can grab a yard piece and do your thing too. I love lots of colors as all my painting friends know and lots of color is going to go on this piece
I am going to give the front of the Angel a coat of Extender and make sure it doesn’t puddle, I just wipe my hand over it and adjust here and there, I will include the front of the wings too. Any paint that falls on her foot, wings, face, will stay right there. I will just blend it in with the brush. This is going to be Artistic License and so fun for me. I love to paint this way.  

I have her on my cutting table (as I am not sewing for a while). I actually have three painting stations. One in front, one in the back and one on the side. Excessive? That’s the America way, I love it lol. 

This is the scene. It’s great to have everything I need at hand. I have one of those huge wet palettes and I will squeeze copious amounts of paint out, the darks first and apply those and then start with colors
First I dip my brush into the varnish and apply the color. I do this for every brush load. Here you see the bottom half of her after the dark has been added and then some color.

Here is the front at stage one and here is the back.

Next I will glaze on some tints with Decoart American glazing medium and the Traditions Paint with is a pure pigment.

To be continued....