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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mrs. Farmer

I finshed sewing the blocks and sashing together, the way I wanted them.

I only made  four new blocks but only used three. I had all those blocks. Imagine having enough blocks tucked away to make two entire quilts. I love Sampler Quilts. Each block is so different.

I started to build the blocks into double blocks as those block were all different sizes.

The Bonnet on the right is a double block, with a couple little FW blocks and some strips added to make it 30.5. The one underneath is another double. I use the different size of bonnets, scotty, heart and half blocks. Then the single block was added which is 15.5 inches. These are large blocks that show of the design real well.

The middle section is made with the Farmer's Wife block in the middle and the small FW blocks (5.5). Above and below that middle section are two single blocks.

The first row has two double blocks and one single block at the bottom. The double blocks were the most fun to put together, it was like building something.

I will add a nice border to make it bigger and quilt it and show another pic when done.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mrs Farmer

This block is called,  "Thirteen Squared". It could mean plots of land but I am making that up. Since this is my quilt, I guess I can take my own meaning to the blocks.

The Blocks are out of Block Base and sometimes edited in EQ, it all depends on what I want.

It's a 15 inch block. This will make me finish faster so I can start on a quilt that has been on the back burner for a while now. This block had a lot of angles and set in tri's and it took some time to complete. I had to rip a couple time, seams have to match lol.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mrs Farmer

This is another quilt I am going to start working on with some blocks I have made already. I got started with the Farmer's Wife at my quilt board with the ladies, but soon grew tired of the little blocks like I did when I was doing, Dear Jane.

I got inspired to use the DJ's with some blocks that I found hidden away and it has in turn inspired me to use the FW blocks the same way. So far, this is how many FW blocks I have made. The blocks are 6 inches and take some time when they are that small.

The block in the center is a 15 ins. block and is actually call the farmers wife block. I love her. The block looks like a nice plump woman lol. I found this block in Block Base. I searched the web and she cannot be found lol.

I will be using EQ and Block Base. In Block Base I will pick out some farming blocks and print them the size I want (15 ins).. I will use EQ to make the Paper Piecing pattern if BB doesn't have one for that particular block....or draw my own block and make a pattern.

I have been playing lately with EQ and it is such fun and very user friendly. If you love to quilt, these are two programs that are a must have. Block Base has 4500 blocks, I think. I doesn't get any better than this.

I love the Farmer's wife block so much that I think I will make four more of her and dress her for church, gardning etc and put her in the four corners of the quilt. A red one in the middle would be stunning.

That all for now, I need to rest lol.