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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mrs Farmer

This is another quilt I am going to start working on with some blocks I have made already. I got started with the Farmer's Wife at my quilt board with the ladies, but soon grew tired of the little blocks like I did when I was doing, Dear Jane.

I got inspired to use the DJ's with some blocks that I found hidden away and it has in turn inspired me to use the FW blocks the same way. So far, this is how many FW blocks I have made. The blocks are 6 inches and take some time when they are that small.

The block in the center is a 15 ins. block and is actually call the farmers wife block. I love her. The block looks like a nice plump woman lol. I found this block in Block Base. I searched the web and she cannot be found lol.

I will be using EQ and Block Base. In Block Base I will pick out some farming blocks and print them the size I want (15 ins).. I will use EQ to make the Paper Piecing pattern if BB doesn't have one for that particular block....or draw my own block and make a pattern.

I have been playing lately with EQ and it is such fun and very user friendly. If you love to quilt, these are two programs that are a must have. Block Base has 4500 blocks, I think. I doesn't get any better than this.

I love the Farmer's wife block so much that I think I will make four more of her and dress her for church, gardning etc and put her in the four corners of the quilt. A red one in the middle would be stunning.

That all for now, I need to rest lol.

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