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Monday, August 22, 2011

Scraps and Crumbs 3

Here is the top all done. I will debate if I want steps all around or not. The name of the quilt is, "Qua Es Vos". It deserves a name since it took some brain work on my part and translating my brain image onto fabric into quilt.

I enjoyed this journey and only God knows how this quilt came about lol. I have another quilt in mind  already. I guess one must strike while the ideas are hot.

My studio is littered with scraps. I need to regroup. I will take a break before I decide which way to go....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crumbs and Scraps 2 update

It's been taking some time now since it is no longer mindless lol, but enjoyable all the same, as I am enjoying the journey.

The middle section is fininshed except for the final border. The right section has it's last block to work around and so does the the left section....

The middle section took some rummaging around in my stash as I couldn't find what I wanted in the scraps. I will have to take a close-up of that section so you can see it properly.

The middle is halfway between the two poles lol, I will let you interpret it youselves.

Here you can see the way the set up is going to go.

I had three intricate blocks to do, that I wanted to be the center of the next two sections. I looked through my Barbara Brackman encyclopedia book for blocks I could use for my idea, found them in Block Base and pulled them into EQ and made paper piecing patterns. I couldn't do all PP, some parts had to be pieced and some had templates. I am so glad I have these programs. I was able to do just what I wanted. YOu can read about and get them here. The blocks took all day to make. I have the cross and the church to go on the right side section.

and the dove for the left section.

I thought you might like to see how the dove went together.

I print out two patterns and cut one up. One is used as a map, so it's less confusing where the pieces go.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crumbs and Scraps Continued

I finally got a little bit of heaven done.
Here you see the triangle and the eye Of god, so to speak. I did a crown somewhat. Now I have figure out how to square it all up but not to worry.
I finshed a center for another area and for now it will stay in Linpo until I am ready to work around it.

Here is another section.

Another section. I have made a few houses for the sinners lol...I will make some tall turetts. I think those are important to the design.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crumbs and Scraps 2

The double block all done after much fiddling around.

I am taking some time out to do some more mindless quilting. I shouldn't call it mindless really, it is afterall, the mind that conjurs these creations up. This is a total scrap quilt, from scraps, donated to me my dear friends, Elaine and Sandy. They know how much I love scraps, it just does things to me and gets the creative juices flowing or could it be because it's free? hahahahahah

I didn't have anything in mind, I clean everything out of my work space first. Then I just sorted the fabric in piles of strips, already cut, small pieces, large pieces etc. I lay them over any surface that is available. I have to see everything I am working with....

Myfirst start: I made the block and after some time decided to make a stairway to heaven, don't ask.

I started to build the left side and at the time I thought, ok, I need stairs, streets and walkways, because I was already building some steep falls hahahahahah, can you see the steeples on the left?

I finished building the right side with a street and that street leads up to a narrow street.
I thought I would then add the pavement which is the black and then finished the left side and the bottom with another street.
Guess what this is hahahahahahah. I think I was inspired by "Dante's Inferno" when this came to mind. The thought of stairway to heaven?
The three wedges of fire and then the three wedges of space. In the spaces are levels for one to escape to, and then out to the street or stairs. The underbelly also has a street but it is a hot street. You get a little repreve on the black coals as they are not lit yet. There is a crossroad at the top right and a small cooler street on the left once you reach there, you can jump over to the white cool pavement. Who know what awaits you after the cool street hahahahahhahah.

I have another section in mind and may work a bit on it tonight, who knows?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Snake River Log Cabin, continued

I have taken a couple extra pics. I love this quilt. I must have taken a dozen pics of it lol.

If would like more info on this quilt, I have some more posted on the quilt board that I frequent, here

I have finally finished the Snake River Quilt by Judy Martin. I just finished binding it in a medium dark red. I love this quilt. I have done many quilts that were sewing intensive, including this one. I just love this one more than any other because, I suppose, I just love log cabins and this is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever done.

Many thanks to Judy Martin for designing this great quilt. I feel it's a great quilt, maybe it because it's named after this great river. I am sure Judy's inspiration came from it.

I can see lots of texture and that was my goal, there is a lot of movement in the quilt, like ripples in water, that this pic did not capture. I hope I can get it tomorrow in daylight outside. The whole quilt has a pink hue that is very obvious. Maybe it is the red next to the pink throughout the entire quilt that caused this effect.

I wanted to finished up the fabric I had pulled out so I made a large log block for the backing.