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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crumbs and Scraps Continued

I finally got a little bit of heaven done.
Here you see the triangle and the eye Of god, so to speak. I did a crown somewhat. Now I have figure out how to square it all up but not to worry.
I finshed a center for another area and for now it will stay in Linpo until I am ready to work around it.

Here is another section.

Another section. I have made a few houses for the sinners lol...I will make some tall turetts. I think those are important to the design.

1 comment:

ruthanne said...

Hi Rosy, Love the idea! Yes, I have too many scraps and must use them. Anyway, great idea of Heaven and Hell. I think of Angels, love them but little color. Working on white on white project for our DDFA annual exhibit~that kind of works for angels!