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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Witch of the season Hazel Quackenbush

This is an update to Hazel. I didn't make the cat that came with her. I decided she really needed a crow.

So off to the drawing board. Crows have a nice long body and long wings. I have finished the pattern and here he sits on Hazel's hat.
His wings and tail are quilted  and are seperate  pieces. the wings are attached with beads so they are movable. A small bead is sewed to the middle back of his tail.
Here is a front view. He has red Swarvoski bicone beads for his eyes. He holds some trinket that he just stole. You know how crows like shiny stuff. I made him out of black with silver, Quilters Cotten. I painted his beak white and when that dried I did the yellow with the shading and highlights.
I put him at front window and love him there. I will make another crow right now but a bit larger for the window...bigger red eyes and bigger loot hahahahah. I love him and I think he needs some yellow legs. Back to the drawing board and I will update the bigger crow and legs if it works out.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Here is a neat little fellow. I didn't think I would like him in the beginning but he kinda grew on me.

He has tea in his teacup lol....a Cheshire cat button on his waistcoat and just too funny shoes with lots of dots. His hand are wired so he can be posed.

At the moment I loaned him a little baby rabbit from another rabbit mother but his teapot is in the works

Here is the teapot drying. I modeled it out of new air-dry clay that I found at Michaels, called Das.. Das comes from Germany. I dont' know beans about modeling but I try. When the pot is dry I will paint it in wild colors and post another pic.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hazel Quackenbush

I have been working on this witch for a while now. Hazel Quackenbush by EPA. The pattern can be bought here

I made her as gaudy as I could. For some reason she just dictated to me what she wanted and boy she loves the glitz.She is made with quilter's cotton and wears a custom made chiffon coat by your truly lol. Her face is painted with DecoAmerican so soft fabric paints here also lots of their glitter line and Glamour Dust which I added to their Glittering Topcoat. I find that these paints are so easy to use and they blend so well, even a beginner can manage it.

Here is a side look at her gaudy earings.
She has a magic pocket for, eye of newt etc lol. I really beaded her extensivly, she just kept saying more, more.

Here is a good view of the toad, the jewel at her waist, ring and bracelet.

The jewel on her hat.
The little baby toads on her shoes.

Another view of her middle.

I made all her jewelry and she even suggested how to make it. I hope you enjoy looking at her as much as I do. She puts a smile on my face every time I look at her and she was worth all the time I spent on her