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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Witch of the season Hazel Quackenbush

This is an update to Hazel. I didn't make the cat that came with her. I decided she really needed a crow.

So off to the drawing board. Crows have a nice long body and long wings. I have finished the pattern and here he sits on Hazel's hat.
His wings and tail are quilted  and are seperate  pieces. the wings are attached with beads so they are movable. A small bead is sewed to the middle back of his tail.
Here is a front view. He has red Swarvoski bicone beads for his eyes. He holds some trinket that he just stole. You know how crows like shiny stuff. I made him out of black with silver, Quilters Cotten. I painted his beak white and when that dried I did the yellow with the shading and highlights.
I put him at front window and love him there. I will make another crow right now but a bit larger for the window...bigger red eyes and bigger loot hahahahah. I love him and I think he needs some yellow legs. Back to the drawing board and I will update the bigger crow and legs if it works out.

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