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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bits and Pieces

This is the finished quilt hanging outside. Scroll down to see the process.

Time to use up some more scraps and the mood has struck. Here is just a smidgin of scraps.

I start the quilt by just sewing random pieces together and waiting for the brain to kick in.

Here the pieces are growing....

When I have few blocks, I chop them up in odd shapes and put them on the design board and from there, I will build square blocks. I put the blocks on my ruled mat to see the shape I need to square the block off. I also like to make a set of steps that I will put here and there. I am sticking to the jewel colors and black. If I get a few light ones in, I will colorize them later with fabric paint.

I decided to pull out some Laurel Burch fabric to insert into the crazy blocks for a center of interest. Here is a bunch of her fabrics, very colorful indeed.

Here is a good pic of how I manage the areas, (I no longer refer to them as blocks as I will be working in large areas and they will not line up as I am trying for abstract.
I joined two of the cut up blocks and will now square them. Looking at the ruler, you will see the shape of the piece that needs to be added to square it off. It is them joined to a Laurel Burch (LB) design that I have fussy cut from my stash.

Here you see a large area being composed and squared off and joined with some black.

Here is the set up of those two areas.

Here I have started on some more areas. The top is done and the second section will have those LB fish down the middle or the side or whatever works out.

I am getting ready to work on some more areas. I had some crazy blocks made already, so I added those to this mix, it sure saved a lot of time. I do make blocks all along when I want to do mindless sewing and store them for later use. I just put them on the board and place them to my liking.

Here are several sections. I put a little Victorian boy in the middle panel but he will have to come out as he is too light but I thought I would show you anyway..

Here is the middle panel and the left panel.

Here are all the panels and the quilt is done.