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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Diamond Star Quilt, Stage 4

Stage 4
I have prepared the pattern for the Tri corners and I thought I would just go ahead and show you what I did and for those who are afraid or don't under stand a pineapple block, I will also show that.

I printed out another square PA block out of Eq7 without numbering. I unchecked the number box, as not all PA blocks are numbered correctly or easy to understand numbering and that is the main problem. I prefer to number the strips myself, so that it's not confusing.

After I numbered my block, I drew a line down the middle horizontally and added a 1/4 ins. seam. Now that will be the pattern for tri's to square off the quilt. I need two tri's for one corner.

Here is the square block. I call the corners the points and the other four sides, the flat sides. You have four corner sections and four flat sections or sides. The corners strips are the darks and the flats are the lights or vice versa, depending on the effect you want to create.

The middle square is number one, and can be red etc. The four strips surrounding the middle are all #2 (white). The next strip down is #3 and that is the corner or point section, skip the flat side and number the next corner #3 and so on. You have now numbered all the first corner strips #3.

Now number the flat sides beginning with #4, number the next three flat sides #4 and so on. If you notice, on the corner points, the number are uneven, 3,5,7,9,,11,13 and the flat side are even 2,4,6,8,10,12.

When you start to pp or foundation piece the block. You will do the two center strips first. Pin down #1, join a #2 then go across and do the #2 opposite that one and then do the other two opposites. Cut your 1/4 ins. seam and join #3 (which is a point or corner), finger press, go across to the other point and do the other #3, now do the other two points or corners.

Now you are ready for #4 and that is a flat side. Do the same as above. Do one flat side and go across the do the one opposite and then the other two and so on.

Since we have numbered all strips that need to be the same color, the same number, there is no room for confusion.

You would have your strips cut and numbered in front of you and all you have to is reach and sew. I normally measure each strips after I sew it (the first block) and make a note on that set of strips what length is needed for that number, then I can subcut and fly.

Diamond Star Quilt continued

The quilt is now at stage 3. The first stage= the 8 pineapple diamonds, stage two = the square pineapple blocks and stage three = the eight pineapple diamonds going around stage one and two.

There are two stage left. Anyway here are a couple pics.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Diamond Pineapple Continued

This is how far I've gotten. I have made the eight Pineapple Squares and sewed three into the top of the quilt and three into the bottom. I pinned the side squares and the middle as I want to work with half a quilt as much as I can.

The next step is to make eight more diamonds and lay those between the outside two points of the squares. This is an awful lot of sewing and I am getting tired lol.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Diamond Pineapple Continues

I did five Pineapple square Blocks and pinned them to the star.
You can now see the light garden going around in a circle and you can also see a couple other rings. I love the effect of what light and dark can do.
I still have three more square blocks to do and then if you look at the top left, I have laid a diamond paper pattern between the two star points. This is the next step and that will be another eight diamonds.
 I like the effect of the teal ring disappearing in the dark and exiting again. When the other diamonds go in, that will create another effect.
I am halfway there. What was I thinking when I tackled this project lol?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sharon Rexroad's Diamond Stars

Hello Everyone, I know it's been five months but I am back as usual with lots of good stuff to share. I will be sharing the process of this fabulous quilt by Sharon Rexroad.. I have had the book and the paper piecing packet for some time and as you quilters all know, we will get to it some time or the other. This will be my first quilt for 2013.

I liked the quilt that Sharon pictured inside the book called the Fairy Ring but that particular quilt is not in the book

I had studied the quilt now and then and I knew it was just the pineapple diamonds and then also pineapple square blocks and half squares etc. I printed out a 15.5 pineapple pp block from Block Base . My quilt won't be the exact same one as Sharon's but the idea will be the same to me. I will call my quilt the Fairy Garden.

Here is a pic of the book  and paper patterns and the fabrics I pulled to pick from.