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Thursday, January 22, 2015


Hello Bloggers, it’s been a while since I posted on here, so I thought I would return now and then for those of you who don’t do Facebook lol.

This is Max, a beautiful, colorful, African Flower Bulldog. He is crochet using the African Flower Motif, not a granny square. He is made with, hexagons, pentagons, triangles, octagons, squares, and the seven petal one…..

I know he looks complicated but he is very doable. The instructions and illustrations are excellent. Anyone who crochets can do this. The designer for this pattern is, Heidi’s Bears.

I will show you several areas of his body so you can see how he comes together. He is bigger than the pattern because I don’t listen very well lol.

He is supposed to be made with fingering yarn and a 1.75 crochet hook but I had all this needle point yarn and had to use a larger needle, so there you have it.

I love him! I love his large size, he make a statement and sure shows of all my lovely colors.