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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Muse

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking a class this past week or so, from the wonderful Australian Artist, Susie MacMahon. By sheer luck I found out about this class only seven miles away from me. The class was for three days and in it we learned how to sculpt a doll head and sew the body, special stuffing techniques and adornments.

I never did learn how to sculpt a doll head and this was my first lesson. Susie is a great teacher. She is very patient and very dedicated.

I decided to make mine an African lady of means lol.
I used an African fabric I had bought some years ago and did a draping effect on her and wired and tacked jewelry on her here and there. I made her a turban out of the same fabric.

Her arms are movable so I hooked her into the planter.

I have her standing in a hanging pot and in the back yard, a perfect surrounding. She is actually a wall doll but I think she looks good standing too. Standing in some plants or something, I think.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I made some store models for the The Sewing Studio. They have such cute patterns. Anything you want in notions, fabrics, quilting supplies, doll supplies, beads, lycra etc, too much to name, they have it.

This is Emotional Anne lol. She is holding a bat by the name of Sebatian.
Here is a close up of her bat.

She is a sweet simple rag doll and a good beginner doll class. The fabric that was left over from her dress, I made a turtle pincushion out of it. It is on my other blog

Then I made Hilda, a cute Hippo doll. I'll post other models as I get them done. Summer is here and I like to do easy easy and cute, fun stuff..

The patterns are from Melly and Me and the Studio sells her patterns, she has quite a selection.