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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Muse

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking a class this past week or so, from the wonderful Australian Artist, Susie MacMahon. By sheer luck I found out about this class only seven miles away from me. The class was for three days and in it we learned how to sculpt a doll head and sew the body, special stuffing techniques and adornments.

I never did learn how to sculpt a doll head and this was my first lesson. Susie is a great teacher. She is very patient and very dedicated.

I decided to make mine an African lady of means lol.
I used an African fabric I had bought some years ago and did a draping effect on her and wired and tacked jewelry on her here and there. I made her a turban out of the same fabric.

Her arms are movable so I hooked her into the planter.

I have her standing in a hanging pot and in the back yard, a perfect surrounding. She is actually a wall doll but I think she looks good standing too. Standing in some plants or something, I think.


Darlene Sperber said...

She does look nice standing but I would worry about the sun fading her...She is so very beautiful...are you going to attend the class when Susie comes back ? I am going to try too. We are so fortunate to be in a place where we can learn these things we love..Darlene

ruthanne said...

Rosy, she turned out wonderful! Did you put a finish on her for outside? It is a wonderful idea. Loved the class and would love and Annie's welcome to her home. Mine is almost finish. I will post by Tuesday latest.

Rosy said...

Thank you ladies. Darlene, I am not leaving her outside. I just wanted to take her pics in the yard.

Ruthanne, I didn't put a finish on her. I just brushed some shades of orange and yellow over her body and face. I relined her eyes with Diox Purple and spiffed up the eyes a bit. I should have mentioned that I was just taking her pic outside lol.