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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crumbs and Scraps 2

The double block all done after much fiddling around.

I am taking some time out to do some more mindless quilting. I shouldn't call it mindless really, it is afterall, the mind that conjurs these creations up. This is a total scrap quilt, from scraps, donated to me my dear friends, Elaine and Sandy. They know how much I love scraps, it just does things to me and gets the creative juices flowing or could it be because it's free? hahahahahah

I didn't have anything in mind, I clean everything out of my work space first. Then I just sorted the fabric in piles of strips, already cut, small pieces, large pieces etc. I lay them over any surface that is available. I have to see everything I am working with....

Myfirst start: I made the block and after some time decided to make a stairway to heaven, don't ask.

I started to build the left side and at the time I thought, ok, I need stairs, streets and walkways, because I was already building some steep falls hahahahahah, can you see the steeples on the left?

I finished building the right side with a street and that street leads up to a narrow street.
I thought I would then add the pavement which is the black and then finished the left side and the bottom with another street.
Guess what this is hahahahahahah. I think I was inspired by "Dante's Inferno" when this came to mind. The thought of stairway to heaven?
The three wedges of fire and then the three wedges of space. In the spaces are levels for one to escape to, and then out to the street or stairs. The underbelly also has a street but it is a hot street. You get a little repreve on the black coals as they are not lit yet. There is a crossroad at the top right and a small cooler street on the left once you reach there, you can jump over to the white cool pavement. Who know what awaits you after the cool street hahahahahhahah.

I have another section in mind and may work a bit on it tonight, who knows?

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