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Monday, September 30, 2013

Painting Gourds, Third Stage

Stage 3: The Pears and  were coated with extender and then shaded with Red Violet and highlighted with Hansa Yellow Lt. More White added and highlighted a second time. The same for the Cherries and Strawberries. Plums and grapes were shaded with Red Violet and highlighted with Aquamarine and more white.

Leaves: I used two greens. Pine Green and Yellow Green Lt and white. I used my round brush for the leaves. I did some curly cues with the #2 liner brush and stippled some fru fru here and there (load the brush with some green, dip in white and stipple here and there).

I dried the Gourd with the hair dryer and put a coat of glazing medium all over it (dilute the medium with a little water.) When dry, I will added some final highlights and tints here and there. Remember, each highlight gets smaller and smaller, leaving the previous highlights showing.
This is the results of all the above.

The fruit is nice and bright. The last stage is the antiquing. First I sealed the Gourd with the Multi Surface Sealer and let that dry overnight. Next, I mixed some Burnt Umber, added just a little Red Violet and black. The color should be mainly a reddish brown. .
I coated the Gourd with Extender, wiped it down with a cotton cloth and brushed the antiquing color all over the top, then it was wiped down, making sure to change the cloth around to a clean spot. Then the highlights were wiped out. On the bottom of the Gourd, I antiqued it in sections. Below you can see how the fruit has a mellow look now.

I will let that cure for a couple of days and maybe dry with the hair dryer and then give it a couple coats of varnish.

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