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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Painting Gourds Continued

Painting Gourds continued. Ok here is what I did so far. First I drew a shape following line around the bowl, with lines branching off the main line. These lines are actually the branches for the fruits and leaves.


I then sketched some shapes of pears, grapes, plums, strawberries and cherries with a chalk pencil on the gourd. I am just filling it up to get back in shape with my painting.


I base-coated the shapes in Yellow Oxide for the pears, Napthal Red Light for the Cherries, Strawberries, and a mix of Dioxazine Purple and Light Violet (medium color) for the grapes and plums

Use the darker violet, the pic shows a lighter color on the Gourd,  but I have since gone over it with the darker violet.

I gave the fruit three coats. I will add the leaves and fru-fru when I finish the fruit.

Since I don’t’ know what colors I will be using in advance. I just pick it at the time when I need it, so just watch as I paint the Gourd and then you can get what you need. Cherries are just circles, Strawberries are like a heart shape with the point round off, plums are ovals and pears are a small and large circle with a connecting curve. I also have a couple lumpy pears lol
Remember it will ugly before it gets pretty lol.

To be continued




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