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Friday, September 9, 2011

Holly a Sweet Doll

This is  such a sweet little doll. The pattern is by Jill Maas, Here
A couple friends and I made her at one of our doll meetings, she was a fun project. Jill has some very cute patterns and we really enjoy making her dolls.
I changed Holly's underskirt. Instead of lace I put a coordinating fabric on the bottom of her slip. I thought she might look a bit more Autumn with the oranges.

The bow I made by hemming two sides of a strip and then gathering the middle real tight. I put the two long sides together and tacked it in the middIe to form a tube but with the ends free. I then sewed three Asahi beads in the middle and pulled the ends up.

Instead of making shoes, I just used bought doll shoes and socks, it worked just fine. I don't do this all the time, but in this case, she wanted them lol.
Holly really has her arms in the back holding a present but I haven't decided yet if it's going to be front or back. She stands all by herself real nice.

Jill has a style all her own and we enjoy doing something different and unique. If you are a doll maker/lover, go check out her website and see some of her cute patterns. I love Masie and Morris. I had to make Morris first and will do Masie next. You can ask Jill for Morris, she will give him to you free.

I made Holly's entire outfit on my Singer Featherweight. I used the ruffler and the narrow hemmer. That little machine is such a pleasure to work on. I must use it more has all the parts to make all sorts of things.

Here she is with her present.

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