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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Harold The Angel

I thought you might enjoy the procees of these two angels since you enjoyed Holly so much. 

This is a pattern by Arley Berryhill and it's called Harold the angel. You can get the pattern  Here  click on "Patterns' on the left and enjoy looking at all his wonderful work and don't forget to check the Gallery. The pattern and instructions are great. I will be doing a few of his designs.

The body is made of peach cotton and I don't remember if it's Southern Bell or Kona or something else.

The angel is posed so I am showing you both sides as I made two. I penciled and chalked one face and painted the other. I was not pleased with the pencil and chalked one so I just painted over it as my medium is acrylics.

The delicate fingers are wired and she has a wired spine up her back extenting into her neck.

The arms and legs are supposed to be posed and sewed on but I like to string and button them, so I can have control of the pose, and just in case I sewed all that and make a mistake and don't like it lol.
I also tie the head on instead of sewing it on. I go through the neck, go up one side of the head with half of the thread and then the other side with the other half of the thread, push the head down and tie on top. This way I can also pose her head.
I will post as I dress them. Arley sews the clothing parts right on them but that is a bit too much hand sewing for me. I don't know if I can do it my way, I will see

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creativedawn said...

Wonderful in progress pictures. Thanks, I may just try that pattern as well. You have really put your stamp on the pattern for sure... I like the changes you made... looking forward to seeing the clothing!