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Monday, September 12, 2011

Harold continued

Oh yes! I was able to sew the clothing together. She had a couple fittings. The next time, I will leave the arms off for the body fitting and then put the arms on for the rest of the fitting.

I have finished the dress all on the sewing machine, with some trim.

Here you see the skirt front and back. I used Brocade with a sparkly organza over dress and a lame skirt drape. One sleeve attached to the bodice is laying on the table.

For the sleeve I used the Brocade for the top part, the middle I used a fancy gold striped ribbon (I took the wire out) and for the ruffle I used the organza. All of theses areas will have beads etc. I also sewed all those on the sewing machine.

Around the neck, I sewed two narrow wired gold ribbons together and encased the the entire neck edge and all the way down the back. I can then manipulate areas of it to fit if needed.

Here is the entire dress, waiting for more baubles and bangles and whatever.

When I put the dress on the doll, the only part I will be hand sewing on the doll is the back dress closure and the gathering of the wrist ruffle. I will also sew strips of something on the middle sleeve to put it into a puff effect. Of course all the beading will be done first by hand.

Her head dress still has to be done too but that will be another day.

That's it for today. I have a quilting class to teach tomorrow and have to get ready for it.


ruthanne said...

Rosy, She is looking so good. I have this pattern and must get busy before the holidays come along. Can not wait to see her all done.

ROSY said...

I can't seem to be able to write comments,,,,testing....

ROSY said...

Ok, it works here but I can't post to another blog I am reading, oh well ....