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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Elephant Baby (Elli)

Still staying on the cutsie trail....This is a cute little baby Elli that I made for a 30th birthday coming up in August. I like to stay ahead of the game.

The favorite colors  for this special person are, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Salmon and Grey. I searched my stash and came up with this print, perfect!

I made Elli with large wired ears out of Salmon textured Batik. I use a grey print for the blanket and embellished it with glitter writers and colored in some of the light grey flowers.

I was careful to let two of the designs on the fabric end up where I wanted to put the eyes. I then used those designs to accent the eyes beautifully, I love it.

I sewed a ruby red crystal on her trunk and several White, Grey and Light Pink pearls behind her ears and in front of her ears. I made her a large crown, using the peote stitch. I used light grey pearls, cream Turquoise, gold and a large cream peal for the center. I plaited her a tail and ran a row of gold and  crystal beads up her tail and up her back. I put a cluster of pearls at the end of her tail.


ruthanne said...

She is adorable Rosy!

ruthanne said...

Rosy, Do you know if Anne is in town?
Her e-mail does not work. Also, any word on Susie still returning in February.
We are working on Diane Little coming to Florida to teach, but would like to know what Anne has planned.

ROSY said...

Ruthann, send me an eamil and I will send you her email...