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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Earth Woman

She is beautiful, she is strong, she is compassionate and she is kind, she is unconditional love. She is the center of creation, she is the true Goddess. She is every woman.

She is indestructible; you can recreate Earth Woman anytime. She will always be there if you choose.

Make three or four Earth Women and put them in every room. She makes a statement.

She is covered from head to toe in jewels and stones representing, her joys, her sorrows, her goals and her achievements.

The head of Earth Woman is beaded totally with joy because this is the way she came into the world. Everything else goes on the body.

I have made this an easy pattern so anyone can make Earth Woman. She may look complicated but don’t believe it. I created this Earth Woman as a tribute to women everywhere. She can be your talisman, your muse, your diary or the secret keeper or whatever you want to make of her. Since you are going to create her in your image and likeness and by that I mean: As you are making your Earth Woman, think of yourself. You may add or subtract from this basic pattern to fashion her to you. She will represent you heart, your mind and your intentions. And since she keeps all your secrets, you are free to tell her anything. You can make her a fancy bag and put little secrets in it.

The jewels you put on her will represent your joys, sorrows, goals, achievements. Pick beautiful beads to represent what you think they mean to you. The sorrows can be the chip stones in colors, for instance. As your sorrows go away, replace them with joy beads or tiny babies (dolls) or light colored stones and so on.

If you really like this Earth Woman, enlarge her, she would be absolutely stunning.

(c)Rosita Fowler

This is my new pattern, Earth Woman. She is a small Goddess. Her pattern is for sale at the Sewing Studio here in Maitland Florida. You may also purchase the pattern directly from me.

She is about 9 inch tall and is very easy to make up. The pattern includes, pattern for making the doll, full instructions, and picture. I really enjoyed the beading. I find it very relaxing. I used seed beads, bugle beads, leaf beads, gold beads,  trinkets and found objects. I even had some tiny bells that I put here and there.

I beaded her entire head, I put rows of gold beads around her neck to cover the seam. I used 11/0 seed bead around her eyes. I used a black background fabric to make her body, so the beads show up real well. I just love her.

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