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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy Quilt Door Shade

I have been looking at my scrap pin for some time now and it sure needs to be put to some creative use.

My studio door has been needing a curtain or shade for some time now as half the door is glass and the sun comes in real hot. I decided to make a crazy shade out of scraps and also use scrap batting.

I pulled out some novelty fabrics of the movie, "The Lion King". Some fish fabric and a scrap of parrot fabric. I just pulled out a bunch of whatever came up. I was just going to do the blocks from that pile so they would all relate.

I cut some batting scraps and crazy quilted right on the batting. I made eight blocks and those that were too small, I just added patches of more batting with crazy patch. Then I joined the blocks and added four inch borders on both sides, done the same way as the blocks.

I did a pillowcase lining, turned it inside out. I then topstitched it, pulling some of the lining to the front and  it looked like did a binding.

Looking at it on the web, it sure looks crazy to me hahahahah...It is always a good feeling when I can make something out of scraps.

I am going to put some glue on velcro on the door and the shade. I will just velcro it on and take it off when needed.

This is the back of the blocks, joined together with the border.

Here are eight of blocks sewed together. I put a center of interest into each block, eigher a fish or the lion or the monekey et.
The eight blocks with border on the sides only for width, the lenght was ok.

Close up of blocks.

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