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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Indian Orange Peel 3

Here are the borders with all the parts sewed together. After the intial shock of the first one, I tumbled through the other three. Well it wasn't too bad after the first one.

These will now be sewed to the quilt and then the corners are put together and sewed in last. See the corners to the right and left top. I pinned the first border on last night and went into another sewing shock. I can't believe I am supposed to sew it in like that. Remember, all the paper is in the back still and you are supposed to sew it that way. I just went to bed and had a nightmare anyway.

I realize this is what is called "setting in" and I know that. I am looking for some tips in the instruction but there are none. Surely there must be a tip or two when it comes to something like this. Like watch out for this or you must do such luck.

Well today is another day and it about 6pm and I have just got my nerve up to tackle the first border. I think I am going to un-pin and rip the paper off one side and see how it goes. After all, I am an experienced seamstress, master seamstress, at that...kiss kiss.

Will keep you updated tomorrow....


franie said...

Yes, very intense. I love it! I am trying to remember the name of the quilter artist who does this technique and teaches--I am thinking Vickie somebody or other. Love your quilt.

Rosy said...

Her name is Karen Stone. Its her pattern out of her book and her software.