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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I thought I'd do a bit of quilting and started yesterday with this lovely panel of the Nativity. I am making this for my MIL who will turn 96 in a couple days.

I did a simple 9 patch and 4 patch and worked the extra angles and stars in. MY friend did it before me so I had a pic to go by and just changed a few things.

Here you can see the parts worked into the nine patch and some exta to make it work.

Here is the first stage of all the parts put together. I used all sorts of different star fabrics that I had.

Here it is all complete with borders. Tomorrow I will quilt it on the quilter and bind it.

I thought I'd show you something yummy as well. This is a German dish called "Frickadelli" (sp). I had that cooking while I was sewing. We must eat.

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