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Monday, September 12, 2016

Time for another post lol.


I have seen these Tuffets all over the web and decided to do my Hassock for a start. Here is what I have done so far. 

1..Measure across the top of hassock or tuffet or whatever. divided that measurement in half and that is your radius.

2..measure from the edge of the hassock to the bottom and add about 4 ins. for turning under.

3..measure around the hassock for the for the circumference, and divide that measurement by 8, This will be the measurement of your wedge. .add 3/4 ins on each side for the seams.

Add your radius #1 plus #2 and cut a piece of square paper that measurement plus a little over for safety.
The width of the paper will be the measurement you got from the wedge plus the 1 and 1/2 ins for the seams. if your wedge is 10 ins, you will add 1 and 1/2 for a total of 11 1/2 ins for your wedge. 

Fold the paper in half to get the center line. Put a dot at the beginning of that line at the top. Now measure from the top of the paper to the radius number and place a mark. Draw a line across the paper square from edge to edge. Draw ¾ seam allowance along both edges of the paper square.
Divide the rest of your paper square into 8 strips, not including the seam allowances. The strips don’t have to be equal. Start at the center seam. On each side of the seam draw a half ins line, that will make that strip 1 ins. Then draw lines on each side of this center strip. Only draw the lines up to the radius line.
After all these line are drawn, the proceed to line up those bottom line with the rest of the pattern. For ruler at the line and angle your ruler to the dot at the top of the paper square and continue with each line this way. Then cut the excess paper and you have your wedge. Lay this on your item to check it out and make adjustments to whatever you want. When you are happy with it, make a freezer paper pattern from you original paper pattern but this time draw the lines with a sharpie pen.

You will iron that freezer pattern to your muslin and cut it out, draw the lines on the muslin, just like your paper. You are now ready to add your strips. When you start to sew the strips on and you come to the radius point, just try to sew it like a curve.

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