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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Burgoyne Surrounded

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I was reading the Quilt Board the other day,

and it seemed that there was such an interest in B. S. I looked at two quilts posted by the ladies on there and loved the pattern. Now you all know I am in the middle of Shakespeare in the Park and have 44 little stars to go before I can put it together.

But when I saw this quilt, I was sorely tempted and The good Lord knows how I love a challenge. I searched Block Base and found several versions of it. The WW Quilting Page also had an 18 inch block.
You can find several on the web. I liked the one where, instead of doing a long strip it was modified to little patches, so it looks like the patches are dancing around the middle block.
I took the pattern to bed and modified it to suit the version I liked.

I emptied my scrap bin on the floor (after making sure I blocked Teddy, my old boy dog so he couldn't gather my scraps to lay on).
and selected just enough to make one block. I always make one block first for a sample while working the kinks out and I did make a couple of mistakes.

I decided to go with one inch patches, so the strips are cut at 1.5. I cut a bunch of patches. The pattern I had, had four patches for the center, I had to divide each one of those into four patches to make 16 patches and did the four patch.

The block has five sections.  I will show the steps. Here are the cut patches.

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Sew the the four patch.
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This is the middle strip.
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Here you see all the parts that go into making one block. The block is easy to figure out. All the strips and patches are cut at 1.5 and once these are sewed up, then all you have to do is measure for the plain patches, just count the inches on the little blocks and add 1/2 inch.

The second pic shows the parts sewed together and the third pic shows the extra strip with a corner stone. The block is not complete yet. Now I have to sew alternating color patches and plain patches to surround the block itself of two sides.

Here it is completed.

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